Set includes

Packaging box with instructions (1x)
20 fl. oz food containers (2x)
Silicone sealed inner lids (2x)
Pair of chopsticks (1x)
Cutlery set = fork, knife, spoon (1x)
Elastic strap (1x)
Top lid (1x)
"Cheer Up Notes" voucher (1x)


Safe for your health
Our products are manufactured to be safe both for the environment and for the food stored in them. Made from 100% food grade plastic & silicone – BentoHeaven bento boxes are non-toxic, BPA & lead-free and eco-friendly.
It is durable, comfortable, a perfect alternative to disposable packaging and while using BentoHeaven bento box, at the same time you can also do something to save your environment and reduce the waste around you.
Colors of your taste
Available in 4 color variants so you can always choose the one reflecting your daily mood!

Portion Control
Great for portion control and special diet by keeping food separated with sufficient space for your meals (2x20 fl oz, 7.3 x 4 x 4.3 inches). One of the largest capacities amongst bento lunch boxes.
silicone sealed lids
They ensure that our containers are 100% leakproof. The boxes and lids fit tightly to guarantee what is inside stays inside. When delivered, opening them might require some effort, but after some opening/closing cycles it will become easy and convenient. A small price to pay for having no smells and no leaks.
Air ventilation plug
Opening / Closing:
- The container is airtight when the lid is on and the plug is closed. Nothing goes in and nothing comes out. Your food remains fresh in the box.
- Pull the plug, so air may flow in and allow you to open the box.
- Open the plug and leave the lid on when using in the microwave. Steam is generated, the time needed for heating is shorter and excessive steam leaves through the plug.
Rounded corners
High gloss inner surface and rounded corners result in effortless cleaning, so you do not have to find tricks to remove those small leftovers from the corners.

Cutlery & Chopsticks
In addition to the cutlery set you will also receive a pair of chopsticks. Depending on the type of food you prepare in your lunch box, you can freely decide which suits you the best! Next to that there is still room for a napkin, which makes out a whole mobile tableware.

Safe delivery
Frustration-free, easy to open packaging. No tools needed to access your bento lunch box.

We strive to be friendly to the environment by using plain, recycled paper for packaging and having instructions printed on the outside, eliminating the need for a booklet in the box. When the packaging did its job and delivered the bento lunch box to you in safety, please recycle. Thank you!

Prefer a solo or a duo?

The containers can be used together in case you would like to store different meals in them, like pasta and sauce, or salad and sweets.
If you would only like to take a little snack with you in case little hunger comes, you can use the containers separately as well. You can use one of the containers with the divider and the silverware/chopsticks, and just put the top on with the sealing strap. To make sure it fits tight, strap it on the long side.


Airtight and leakproof

Airtight and leakproof

Silicone ventilation plugs for easy opening & closing.
Food grade materials

Food grade materials

BPA free, food grade materials. Stain & smell free plastic.
Dishwasher safe

Dishwasher safe

Easy cleaning due to rounded corners. Cutlery & Chopsticks below 180 °F / 80 °C programs only.
Microwave safe

Microwave safe

Steam assisted heating allows shorter operation times with lids on. Not for cooking - reheating only for less than 3 minutes.
Ventilation plugs

Ventilation plugs

Always open silicone ventilation plugs and avoid overheating. Do not put Cutlery and Chopsticks in the Microwave.
Freezer safe

Freezer safe

Set freezer temperature not below -4 °F / -20 °C.


2 x 20 fl.oz containers for proper meals.

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